Baby Toys

Baby toys are tools – tools that support both mental and physical development. It helps the child to learn new concepts while increasing the creativity. Babies have different types of toys that you need to take according to their age.

For example, newborns are more sensitive to bright lights and various sounds. For this reason, you can choose colorful, moving and voice toys that can be hung next to the bed for newborns. Babies with increasing visual distance from the 2nd month are interested in toys that can be used by swinging. In these periods, you can take a look at toys that are formed in the main colors such as yellow, red and blue. The fact that such toys have music also contributes to the auditory development of the baby.

One of the preferred toys from the 5th month is rattling. After the 4th month, babies who improve their skills can have a pleasant time with the sounds that make a sound. During this period, babies should prefer hard and non -pointed products as they will take every toy to their mouths.

How should baby toys be?

The choice of toys for the baby is one of the most important points of parents. Toys produced for different age groups contribute to the healthy development of the baby. Therefore, you should choose products that are compatible with your baby’s age.

2 -month -old babies use their own body as toys. For babies playing with their hands constantly, rotating rotations attached to the cradle and swinging toys from the tip are suitable. It is very important that such products do not sound loud.

6 – 7 months old babies need products they can play by sitting. In this process, educational cards, non -broken mirrors and fabric books can be your savior. The perceptions of 10 – 12 months old babies are clear. Toys with keys can be used in this age group.

In this process, you can choose balls with a diameter of at least 44 mm, books with different types of texture and plush. Toys suitable for different age groups support the physical and mental development of the baby.

How to Clean Baby Toys?

The toys of your child used frequently during the day may get dirty in a short time. To protect the body health of the little ones, you need to clean the toys at regular intervals. Soft toys consist of extra soft fabric & long feathers that can catch dust & dirt very easily. This type of toys can be washed with water and soap as well as in the washing machine.

Soft toys, which have a soft structure, are more suitable for holding & playing. For this reason, it is recommended to wash the toy by putting it in the laundry net. However, Cleaning plastic toys is relatively easier. You can dry the toys washed with warm water and soap with a towel.

However, the toys used for teeth should be sterilized by waiting in boiled water instead of using detergent. In addition, if you are looking for a suitable cleaner for toys, you can use special soap -based detergents for babies.

In this process, you should take care not to use a large amount of detergents. It is not recommended to wash the electric toys with battery. In cleaning of this type of toys, it is enough to use a soapy or damp cloth.