Kids Furniture

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    • Quality First: Study Table chair is made up of durable material. Desk is made up of Ms pipe and table top is made up high quality plastic. Kids desk is made up of strong material with no sharp edges so that it will not kids skinble chair set is multipurpose can be use for studying, eating, drawing and writing
    • Table Chair desk is suitable for 3 to 8 Years and can carry weight around 35kgs.
    • Set is attached Table comes with storage table top kids studying material can be stored in it. Chair comes with padded seat for baby’s comfort. Desk have foot rest for small kid to sit easily
    • Kids table chair set is multipurpose can be use for studying, eating, drawing and writing
    • Desk Comes 90% assemble just open the desk and fix the table top. It will take 10 minustes to assemble
    • Kids Study desk is foldable and easy to store and transport anywhere
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    • Made from high quality pinewood and specially molded with no sharp edges.
    • No tools required to assemble this baby high chair just open the box and unfold the chair, it will be ready to use
    • Wide sitting and feeding arear can be use for 7 months to 4 years baby. Tray of high chair is adjustable
    • Footrest is adjustable upto 2 points, you have to use screw driven to adjust the footrest
    • Comes with a strong padding sheet with safety seat belt for comfortable seating

Kids Furniture

Kids furniture refers to the furniture created for babies.

For the health and safety of the child, and to feed the baby very well, a baby dining table and chair is very important, so that the baby can eat, play, etc. on the chair safely and comfortably.

It can be said that baby dining tables and chairs are very necessary for children. This is also a way to cultivate children’s independence from an early age. Even if you go out to play, having a baby dining table and chairs saves a lot of energy for adults.

Kids furniture includes chairs, benches, tables and beds designed for children, in fact, any kind of furniture that a kid can use. The most important thing about them is that kids furniture is designed with children’s proportions and children’s tastes in mind. Kids furniture is safe and tested.


  • Multi-function, colorful
  • Safety standards
  • Natural wood,Lead-free, non-toxic paint
  • Reasonable price
  • Easy to disassemble
  • Forming and nurturing children’s independence from the first years of life