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GetBest Dls 07 12V Battery Operated Ride on bikes for Kids with Hand Accelerator, Music and Lights, White

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  • Dls 07 Electric Bike has Passed all the Necessary Safety Certifications According to European and Indian Standards. Getbest Bike is made up of High Quality Material and very Safe for your Kids to Ride.
  • Dls 07 Battery Bike comes with 2 Powerful Motors and Twin Batteries each of 6v4ah. Running time of this bike after full charge 6-7 Hours is 45mins to 1:25 Hours.
  • Music and Lights are Main Features of this bike, It comes with Mp3 Player which is compatible with Pen drive and Sd Card.
  • Kid can drive this Electric Bike Manually using Hand Accelerator in Forward and Backward Directions. Supporting wheels of this bike gives balance to Kid to run it on any Flat Surface.
  • Ideal for kids of age 2 to 8 Years and Can Carry weight upto 60Kgs

Out of stock


Dls 07 Ride on Racing Bike is Very Powerful Kids Battery Bike. Dls 07 Battery Bike is Suitable for Kids of age 2 to 8 Years and Can Carry Weight upto 60Kgs. This Electric Bike is Different Looking Racer Bike with Many Great Features. Dls 07 Bike comes with Supporting Wheels, Kid will ride this bike on Any Flat surface Manually. This Superb Look Kids Bike have mp3 Player which is Compatible with Pen drive, Aux and Sd Card. Kid can Accelerate this Bike in Forward and Backward direction with Hand accelerator and can Stop this bike with Break pedal on Foot. This Electric Bike have 12v Rechargeable Battery and Double Motors. Bike can Run for45mins-1:25hr after Full charge of 6-7Hours.Get this Best Bike for your Loved ones and make him popular in the town.


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