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GettBoles Big Wheeler 6688 4×4 Electric Rechargeable Battery Operated Ride on Jeep for kids with 6 Motors, Swing and Music,

26,000.00 16,999.00

  • This Electric Jeep is one of the Big jeeps of all time and has big wheels with motor in each tire. Jeep has total 6 Motor.
  • Children of age 2 to 8 Years can drive this car manually. This Ride on jeep have 70 kg weight carrying capacity
  • Big wheeler Battery Jeep has music system compatible with aux, pen drive and sd card. This jeep has working Led lights in front and back.
  • Ride on Jeep car have 3 modes of operation. Baby will ride this jeep manually and parents can control it through bluetooth remote and when car is not moving it can be use as a rocker with its swing option.
  • Safety: This electric jeep has passed all the safety certifications according and to European and Indian standards. Jeep is made up of high quality material


GettBoles Present its Big Wheeler Battery Operated Ride on Jeep. It is and best jeep for your kids as it have all the features in it. 6688 Battery jeep is 4×4 as it means all the 4 wheels will move at a time and it will swing like a rocker when it is not moving. This electric jeep is suitable for kids of age 1 to 8 Years and can carry weight around 65kgs.  Jeep will run off road also but on plain surface. Kid will drive manually while listening to their fav. songs. Parents can also control it through bluetooth remote.


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